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There are many songs that portray diamonds as something very special, such as “Diamonds are forever”, by Chaka Khan, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, by Marylin Munroe, “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds”, by The Beatles, “Diamonds” by Rhianna and most weirdly a song entitled “A carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a Diamond”! by Captain Beefheart and his magic band.  Diamonds are synonymous with fortune and riches, success and wealth.  One of the most famous diamonds in the World is “The Star of Africa” and at 530.20 carats is the world’s largest cut diamond.  It is pear shaped with 74 facets and is set in the Royal Sceptre and kept along with the other Crown jewels in the Tower of London.

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 The “Star of Africa” diamond was cut from an original stone called “The Cullinan” weighing in at 3,106 carats, the largest diamond crystal ever found!

Any lady with a large diamond engagement ring on her finger feels excited, blessed and honoured, she will be keen to show it off to all her family and friends. Diamonds sparkle, glisten, shine and catch the light, they portray the embodiment of love and commitment.  From a young age most Girls dream of being given some diamonds, such as a beautiful set of earrings, a new necklace, a sparkling brooch or preferably glistening diamond engagement rings! Engagement rings are everlasting and wedding rings are as unique as the vows that you take.

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Diamond Engagement rings can be located at  When a man proposes marriage to his girlfriend she becomes his fiancée and they start to plan their wedding.  A wedding consists of many things and can take at least a year to plan, especially if the couple decide that they want something different. Though even if they want something simple it still takes a lot of preparation and planning.  Sending the invitations out, making a seating plan, deciding on a venue, choosing the perfect dress, the wedding cake, the transport, the photographer and the food.  To make sure all these elements come together takes months of planning, phone calls and arrangements. Some couples choose to hire a Wedding Planner, somebody who specialises in organising the couple’s special day.  This can really help to relieve some of the stress and difficulties in the complicated planning of a wedding.  A Wedding Planner will listen to the couple’s ideas and wishes and then make sure everything falls into place smoothly. They will have an incredible, memorable day to remember for the rest of their married lives.