A fungo bat is used during baseball practice. It is longer, lighter, and thinner than a regulation bat so coaches and parents can help players on the field learn and hone catching skills. By throwing up a baseball and hitting it, the person on home plate can send the ball in any direction, vary speeds, and get different results. The bat, made of wood, aluminum, or alloys, allows the coach to hit grounders, fly-balls, bunts, and mid-level baseballs to those in the infield and outfield. Little League, high school, and professional players practice catching and throwing the baseball to the right places, depending on what players on bases. This method improves acuity, response times, accuracy, and reactions. It also builds up reflexes, endurance, stability, and confidence.

Swinging a regulation bat is often too tiresome for coaches and parents to do at length. The lighter bat helps them hit consistently and accurately. The fungo bat is not designed for hitting pitched baseballs, or for players to use during hitting practice. Those learning to swing a bat, make contact with the ball, and refrain from swinging at fouls should always use regulation bats to get used to the weight and feel of them. A fungo bat is not usually found in sporting goods stores so it has to be purchased online. Coaches and parents can learn about selecting the right fungo bat for specific purposes at this website.

There are several manufacturers and sizes of fungo bats available. Bats range in length from thirty-three to thirty-seven inches. Shorter lengths are ideal for Little League and the infield of professional baseball diamonds. Coaches use the longer lengths to direct hits to outfielders because those balls travel farther. Handles are typically available in bright colors to distinguish them from regulation bats. If different lengths will be used, it is wise to get each length in a different color to be able to pick up the one wanted quickly. Popular manufacturers include Easton, Louisville Slugger, and SK. Pricing varies so be sure to compare materials, weights and lengths to get a decent bat at a fair price. This type of bat means the coach, parent, or grandparent helping players practice do not have to be in great physical condition, or have exceptional skill in accurate swinging.

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