Color Selection Guide for Making Toy Logos

Tasked with the job of creating toy logos, you know for a fact how important it is to ensure that every single logo you come up with will not just be attention-grabbing, but also kid-friendly. Thankfully, the toy industry has seen a significant increase in sales in the past several years, and that usually translates to more customers for you. But because there also is increasing competition, it only means you must level up and do something to make your work stand out.

Although most people wouldn’t really give that much attention to toy logos, you know for a fact that you’re in a very competitive market. Thus, it is very important that you have the skills and talent to come up with the best logos for toys; something that’s unique and timeless, and yet, those even aren’t enough. You still have to dig in deeper on the psychology of color, especially considering the fact that your target audience are kids.

Age Range

It’s quite interesting to know that children actually see colors differently based on their age. For instance, it is strongly advised that you make use of direct contrast of darker colors instead of the lighter ones if you’re targeting kids aged 2 or under. What this means is that if you use a deep purple-colored logo on a toy, children belonging in this age range will most likely be interested in that toy instead of the one beside it but with a light-colored logo.

You also have to recognize the fact that children have a greater tendency to respond to something based on color compared to adults; as such, you must incorporate bright and a wide variety of colors if you happen to be selling or marketing a product like a skybound trampoline.

Be Sure It’s Gender Neutral

The simplest explanation here is that if you are tasked to make a logo for a toy intended to be marketed to both boys and girls, it means you should use colors widely regarded as gender neutral. Hence, you don’t expect that boys will fancy a toy wrapped in a big pink logo.

Parents Have their Say Too

Bear in mind that even if the kids are the ones who will decide which toys they want, still the parents have the last say in buying. This implies that the colors you use in your logo must have something positive to portray to the parents. At this point, you probably already know that blue represents calm, which means that this color suits older kids best, more particularly those who love craft-based toys. On the other hand, red represents fun and excitement in adult eyes; this translates as ideal to logos for toys encouraging physical activities like board games.

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