Masonic Ring Targets the Heart

If you are a mason, then there is a high probability that you own a masonic ring. This accessory represents several things for you as a member of the group. It entails honor and pride to become part of the team of freemasonry. However, quite a number of masons primarily the new members, are remarkably involved on how this ring must be used. Who would not be? Being in the masonry may entail responsibilities apart from the honor it could give. Furthermore, how you use it could illustrate your confidence and how much you genuinely value the fraternity.

In essence, there are two typical approaches in which masonic ring is worn. The first one is named the pointing in approach and the other is regarded as the pointing out process. Each way will pose certain values to the wearer as well as the people who take notice of the ring.

The pointing-in technique is among the regular ways of using the masonic ring. From the terms itself, it is a way of putting on the ring down kinda pointing to yourself. There could be a lot of reasons why many masons wear the masonic ring in this manner and among those sensible reasons is that it can effectively remind the wearers of their responsibilities in the fraternity. Additionally, several individuals experienced or are motivated that having the ring in this option reveals the limited service to the organization. At the perfect time when the wearer is contented or profoundly think that he has served the org of the sufficient length of time, the masonic ring might be put on in other approaches. Yet, this does not imply the ending of the responsibility to masonry; provided that the ring is used, the user will always be prompted of his life-long dedication to the organization.

On the other hand, the pointing out method of wearing masonic ring can be described as the opposite of the first method mentioned. This would mean that the ring is worn outward or facing others. This way might be new to some people and members but this is becoming popular as well for this significantly demonstrates pride as a mason. Also, this could signify that the user is ready to be a representative of this gratifying group.

Generally, there might be no regulations guiding how the masonic ring must be used. It is actually all about targeting commitment, responsibility, and the heart of every member. Every member can use the ring in any technique so long as he will be reminded of the goals of the organization and will behave in the manner that it is required.

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