What are the Perfect Wedding Rings? As you are planning on what kind of wedding rings you and your partner would wish to wear as a sign of your everlasting love for each other, you might be interested in how this practice came and the real meaning of wedding rings. Sure, the ring is a circle and it symbolizes harmony, infinity, agreement, universe and rebirth. The ring was linked with the Moon and Sun in ancient times. It was assumed that a ring would protect and was a enchanted guard, so to speak to ward off all pessimism by its stability. Rings were deliberated to be sacred and/or magical. Gods and Goddesses even wore rings such as in the Babylonian mythology with tales of the rings of Shamash and Marduk. Rings have always been associated with the magic, the zodiac, and even more. Even in the modern day, wedding rings are believed to possess a sort of power that can be witnessed especially if a priest or a minister blesses the wedding rings before the couple exchanges them. This practice symbolizes protective powers over their marriage or union. You might be wondering today on why a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger. Well, this also goes back to ancient times and once again magic. If you research the wedding ring’s history and reason, it is situated on the third finger and you will wonder at some of the views. Here are some of the historical facts about the ring finger. The third finger was used to apply herbal medicines since the effectiveness of the cure would be stronger especially in the ancient period. It was also considered that a nerve from the third finger went directly to the heart. This belief is similar in astrology, the ring finger is called the heart finger for a reason that the special vein or nerve that was in the third finger linked to the heart and was a sign of fidelity and love. No matter where you search all over the history, the third finger has always been used as a sign of trustworthiness, faithfulness, fidelity, and love.
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With that said, you know just how important the wedding ring has been throughout history is not just a ring but was used as a promise and union between couples. Thus, it is your time to select your everlasting wedding rings that will not only show your love and devotion for each other but also resist time and lasts forever, as your love for one another.
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As you begin looking online and at your favorite jewelers you will find many exquisite wedding rings and some are sure to be out of your price range.

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