Aircraft Mechanic Job Description and Tips in Finding One An aircraft mechanic is a rare job and not a lot of people can boast to have the set of skills this professional is equipped with. The profession in itself, which also goes by the titles aviation maintenance expert or aircraft technician, is quite challenging and complex, which means that the money they’re paid to do their work is also quite handsome and lucrative. The aircraft mechanic’s job description include that of fixing and doing scheduled maintenance on majority of aircraft including that of airplanes and helicopters. Aside from maintenance and repair, these experts are also the ones tapped whenever there’s a need for inspection as required by certain federal government agencies. A more specific job description includes the examination and inspection of aircraft components, parts, and frames for signs of defects. Since they’ve undergone training in the most extensive manner, they are expected to be more than capable in diagnosing both mechanical and electrical problems. Other things aircraft mechanics are expected to perform include that of reading maintenance manuals for mastering methods of repair, measuring parts for signs of wear, repairing broken components, and testing new aircraft parts. Since airplanes and other types of aircraft today are built with the most advanced technologies, it no longer is a secret that aircraft mechanics need to be constantly updated with the latest building and manufacturing trends.
Learning The “Secrets” of Airplanes
Also, some aircraft mechanics have undergone additional training in order to handle other aircraft types like jets and propeller-driven varieties.
3 Airplanes Tips from Someone With Experience
In the event that you are tasked to find an aircraft mechanic for your company to hire, it is very crucial to first make a comprehensive research about your prospects. First of all, you have to make sure you’re only considering those who come with an FAA certification, preferably both airframe and power plant. Likewise, it is as important to look and dig in a little deeper on the aircraft mechanic’s professional affiliation. For instance, it should be a big plus if the mechanic is a member of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). This group aims at promoting both professional and ethical practices of its members in the field of aviation maintenance. Once you have a name or two, you have to at least make a single visit to their shops or facilities. For an aircraft mechanic to be called great, he needs to be not just possessing the expertise and skills, but also the aptitude for maintaining cleanliness and order in his shop. Finally, if you are having serious problems getting names, the best way to come up with prospects is to call and talk to aircraft owners and pilots since they’re the ones who are always in contact with mechanics.

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