Radiant Green Emeralds – Ruling the Gemstone Trend for Fall 2017!!!

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Green hue is vivacious and worthy of attention. This beautiful color is again under the spotlight since when Pantone has announced greenery as the ‘Color of 2017’.  For this reason, the attention of gem lovers has shifted tremendously towards the vibrant and fiery green emerald gemstone. Natural emeralds are found in a huge spectrum of green, each depicting its own beauty. So, this gemstone will never leave you disappointed, no matter which shade of green you are looking for. Holding the essence of nature, Emerald gemstones is an appropriate choice for the fashion folks, who love colors and celebrate trends. The positive vibes that comes along with this vibrant green gem will add more to your delight.

So, whether you are look forward to propose your lovely lady or want to gift a precious gem to someone special, Emerald never fails you.

Emerald has always been praised for its deep green hue, brilliant luster and strong metaphysical properties. Since the ancient times, this beautiful green has been admired for its exceptional powers that can even surpass the aura of a real diamond. This precious stone can add a lot of exuberance to your style. However, you need to customize the finest quality emerald gemstone in the right jewel setting to make it happen.

How to Choose an Emerald?

A beautiful gemstone is essential to make jewelry – A masterpiece. Being a highly valuable gemstone, emerald gemstone should be evaluated on certain quality parameters before making a final purchase.  They are –

Color –

Natural Emerald generally comes in deep green to bluish green hues. A transparent green stone with a color tone that isn’t too dark is always more desirable and highly effective. If you are looking to gift a beautiful Emerald ring, then choosing the right green hue in emerald is the first and foremost step. Too bluish or yellowish emeralds are not pure and somehow hamper the beauty of the jewel.

Clarity –

Clarity is another essential factor that can’t be ruled out while choosing a right gemstone for jewelry making. And especially if the stone is Emerald, checking the clarity becomes even more important. Since, most of the emerald contain inclusions therefore, it’s better to look out for stone with minimum inclusion to ensure optimum clarity. An emerald with high inclusion is neither good astrologically nor for jewelry.

Cut –

In a fashionable gemstone jewelry, the centrally place gemstone is what catches the core attention. Therefore, cut and shape of the stone really matter a lot. It should be selected very carefully as cut of the stone can influence the color, luster and overall appearance of the gemstone. Emerald in fancy cuts like emerald cut, cushion cut, oval cut or rectangular cut generally appear more beautiful when studded in jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Setting –

Choosing the right jewelry setting is equally essential to rev up the glamor quotient. Thankfully, emerald is flexible enough to look phenomenal in most of jewelry settings. Whether you want an Emerald ring or want to buy an Emerald pendant or an Emerald bracelet, endless options are available. Emerald halo rings, containing Emerald in center crowned by little zircon gemstones looks just fabulous on every finger. For those who love to experiment, clubbing emeralds with Diamonds can be a good idea. Round emerald pendants and Emerald charm bracelets also be considered if you don’t want to go with rings.

Last but not the least, choosing an appropriate metal adds more brownie points to the emerald jewelry piece. Gold, Silver, Platinum are most popular metal choices for jewelry purpose. Each metal offers a distinct charm to the gemstone. The metal selection entirely depends on the budget and personal preferences.

So, if you are also tantalized by the mesmerizing green of emeralds, buy an emerald gemstone jewelry today!!!

Happy Shopping 😊