Men’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2018

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A significant percentage of men are reluctant to admit that they are particularly interested in fashion. But a thoughtful peak inside the majority of male wardrobes will belie this apparent disinterest in fashion. We all have our own taste, our own sense as to what we look and feel good in. We just don’t like to think that we are being dictated to. The key to making current fashion work for you is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The following are some current and upcoming trends, some of which may appeal.

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Horizontal stripes are far from ground-breaking and sometimes rather overdone. In addition, they also have the unwelcome tendency to make you look a lot wider than you really are, and who needs that? But fear not, this year the trend for stripes is vertical. This will make you look slimmer and sophisticated. Stripes will be on everything this season, but the key to effortless style is to keep it simple. Keep the stripes narrow and limit colours to two, or three at most.


Very few of us consider wearing an entire outfit in just one colour. It is a brave look and one that when it goes wrong, really goes wrong. But get it right and the impact is hard to match. Single colour is set to become one of the hottest trends this season. Start gently with easy, muted colours, like greys, beiges or perhaps blues. Experiment, and be mindful that grey is never just grey – it will have a secondary undertone colour. There is some good reading material out there on colour theory.

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Trousers with side stripes

You may be visualising tracksuit bottoms, but that isn’t what this look is about. It is a whole lot smarter. The essential point in pulling this look off is what to complement it with. A sloppy Tee and you will be back to the tracky look. Team it with a shirt and it offers a whole new approach. Stockists such as offer a wide variety of mens designer shirts with which to experiment.


The look is large and complicated, so make sure the rest of your outfit is very plain.

Tropical holiday shirts

The watchword here is subtle, which is arguably a contradiction in terms, but it may be fun trying.