Jewelry Allowed for Women – In this world, Allah SWT has created various kinds of jewelry for man. There are jewelry that is reserved for men and adorn jewelry that is reserved for women. And you know, that the world’s best jewelry is a woman shalihah.

Women’s jewelry produced and manufactured by human beings have many variations and apparently. Of the many varieties and shapes, it’s good if we know and know the limits allowed by Islamic Sharia and of course the restrictions that are prohibited by Islamic Shari’a.

Knowing about the limitations or permissibility of jewelry worn by women is an obligation, other than as one proof of obedience to Allah SWT following the rules of Shari’ah is the best way to obtain salvation, the world-the hereafter. You must to see the best jewelery for woman in Modefa Website

Did you know what jewelry is allowed for women?

  1. Women are allowed to wear jewelry from Gold and Silver

Women are allowed to wear jewelry made of gold and silver, be it rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

“The Prophet SAW prayed two rak’ahs and did not perform the sunnah prayer before and after. Then he visited the women accompanied by Bilal. So he ordered them to give charity. Hearing these suggestions, start the women present throw their earrings. “(Sahih, HR Al-Bukhari no 5883 and Muslim No. 884).

Ibn Taimiyyah stated that gold and silver jewelry may be worn by women with the clerical agreement. (Majmu ‘Fatawa, 25/64).


  1. Women are allowed to wear clothing or jewelry made of Silk


  1. Women are allowed to wear Eye Shadow


  1. Women are allowed to wear fragrant oil for their husbands


“Men’s perfume is the smell that smells and does not appear (vague) color. While the fragrance of women is the color that looks and hidden the smell. “(Narrated by Al-Bazzar in Kasyful Astar, 3/376, validated by Asy-Shaykh Muqbil in Al-Jami`ush Shahih, 4/308).

Forbidden for women when the perfume smelled by men besides mahramnya. Even women who use fragrances then deliberately passed a group of men who are not mahramnya said by Rasulullah SAW as adulteress women.

In another hadith it is also mentioned that “Any woman who uses perfume should not be present with us in” Isha “prayer (Shahih, HR Muslim No. 444).

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