Chris Oyakhilome has built a large following because of his ministry efforts. He works to promote the word of the gospel whenever possible. His congregation is set to host the Haven Convention 2017 for their followers. Get to know Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his efforts across the world. That will form the basis of the experience to expect at the Haven Convention 2017. Members of the congregation frequently got their start at the headquarters in Lagos. That allowed them to influence people throughout the country of Nigeria. Join their congregation to enjoy some incredible benefits of believing in God all over again.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome once again was a leader in many ways. He works to teach his followers about the bible itself. The pastor understands the word of the bible unlike anyone else. That has helped him to spread the word to many followers across the world. His ministry is well regarded and trusted by many other believers. Watch a few videos to come to understand his perspective on belief itself. Learn more about the bible than many would have expected. That has brought his followers closer to God during each week. People respect Chris Oyakhilome and the work that he has accomplished so far.


His congregation has converted people all over the world too. They are notable for their charitable work throughout Africa. Large countries such as Nigeria and South Africa have taken note of the congregation. Thousands of people turn out each week to watch the pastor speak. That inspires many and encourages followers to continue their work as well. Christ Embassy is now a worldwide leader when it comes to the gospel. People simply trust their pastor to speak the truth on all important matters. He now wants to take people through the highlights of the Haven Convention.


Christ Embassy has also conducted work in other countries as well. He has moved on to speak to people in the UK about issues. Pastor Chris also worked in Canada and the United States whenever possible. That has given him worldwide influence on a grand scale. People respect the level of support that he can secure along the way. His ministry has expanded to a considerable degree for followers. People enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves overall too. Find out what makes Haven Convention 2017 a big deal to followers. They look forward to the event each year too.


Special ministry and praise sessions are part of the expectation for people. Insightful talk shows are a popular focal point for these world leaders. Expect Pastor Chris to deliver a thoughtful speech to his followers. That is a great opportunity to get his perspective on world affairs as well. Delegates were greatly revitalized for their new experience with the congregation itself. Christ Embassy expects thousands of people to attend each convention. That just goes to show that supporters from all over the world truly believe again. People want to show their support and continue the legacy for Pastor Chris.

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