Peonies are mainly considered as one of the most popular and trendiest flowers in the world, which is especially beloved for their vibrant and bold colors, their beautiful aroma, and the sweet and soft delicate petals. Unfortunately for all the peony lovers out there, these beautiful blossoms are looking exists only in the season for a short period or early summer. Peonies season starts from between April and rests till June. So now when the season is almost to an end, you can surprise your loved ones in Italy and can choose to send flowers to Italy to make them happy in the Peonies season. Italian people always love their presence in the home.

Why people choose Peonies when they send flowers to Italy in June?

While these beautiful peonies flowers have now become the most popular blossoms of all the florists in Italy, so the wedding planners, and all the interior decor bloggers, It has been a wonderfully- adored flower for hundreds of years. There are many legends who usually claim that peonies are named after Paeon, which is the physician to all the Greek gods. Most of the people also believe that it was purely transformed into stunning flower by the Lords as a great alternative of an average mortal death. So this flower is historically significant for everyone who loves their fragrance and appearance. That’s why choosing a knowledgeable florist to send flowers to Italy and ask them to arrange peonies for your loved ones to increase the affection and love the best way possible.

Choose Peonies when you send flowers to Italy as they were grown for medicinal purpose

Before the modern age of herbals, medicine and the drug stores on each part of the world, so peonies were efficiently cultivated for the numerous treating ailments. So through Asia and the Europe, these amazing and magical plants were said to possess thousands of healing qualities, and they have also been using the best treatments for childbirth pain, headaches, asthma and for other conditions. And in Italian culture, the peony tea is also used as the best herbal alternative to some useful drugs. Therefore choosing such flowers for the medicinal purpose would bring loads of comfort and relaxation in your recipient’s life.

How many colors of Peonies:

When you look at the seven colors of the rainbow, I hope you’re most favorite color may fall for some reason, and the chances are there must be a peony to match. These stunning flowers could be grown in all the amazing colors except bluish tones. They have some stunning and breathtaking shades that might include orange, yellow, red, white, purple, maroon, pink and coral. With all such beautiful shades, they look quite equal regarding elegance and beauty. But pink peonies always look give robust scent than among all shades, they are multicolored counterparts and also most widely offered and sold.

So with the only couple of days left in the summer season, I think you shouldn’t wait on choosing your peony flowers for your dear friends. You can even check online for some more unusual and affordable varieties.










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