(Los Angeles, California) Considered to be an up and coming talent in the field of fashion design, new designer Donna Mizani is known around the world for her classic cut-out dress and halter designs. A New York Native, MIzani is now based out of Los Angeles. Her design aesthetic has been classified as being ultra-feminine and celebrates the female physique. The must for Mizani’s work is similar to the entrepreneurial designer herself, being bold, daring, alluring, sexy and confident.

“I have loved fashion since I was a young child,” stated designer Donna Mizani. “I remember redesigning clothes in my closet, creating all new trendy pieces and sewing early on. I have also found the female form remarkably beautiful, ever since enrolling in my very first life drawing class when I was a teenager. I was drawn to the world of fashion and it is my passion to create unique garments that flatter and enhance the female physique.”

Since her first collection was released, Mizani has continued focusing on making clothing that is beautiful both on the inside and out. Enlisting help from her sister to run her business, the two ladies put focus on quality craftsmanship of the clothing, which is clear at The designer and her entire team is proud that all of the garments designed are made in the Garment District of Los Angeles.

“I have found influence for your designs from many sources, including my urban lifestyle, travels to Latin America, India, Asia and Europe, and even my close-knit family,” continued Mizani. “The key to my designs today is consistency. I want to gain my client’s trust by providing them with the highest quality and most unique products available on the market today.”

At only 27 years old, the designs at represent the achievement of many of Mizani’s aspirations. Most recently, the designer unveiled her all new website with an e-commerce store, which represents a lifestyle designation for fashionistas throughout the world.


Donna Mizani graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, located in downtown Los Angeles and then gained experience and knowledge of the fashion industry by working with successful West Coast designers. During this time, she developed her skills and abilities to execute her own designs and vision. Her first collection was released in 2009 offering the fashion world a unique look at her design perspective. By merging her sensual ready-to-wear pieces with new-aged sophistication, the Mizani fashion line has secured a place in the industry.

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