Common Mistakes Beginners Do When Choosing A Blouse For Their Saree

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Gone are the days when girls would learn how to drape a saree from a very young age, preferably as a child itself. As the western cultures are slowly gulping down the larger portions of the rural hub, even at villages the girls are embracing western attires or traditional kurtas more than the sarees. However, no matter what we do or where we go, there is something very special about draping a saree on your own. The ecstasy and the plethora of emotions attached to it is something very similar to coming first in a class test, ain’t it? Once we actually get a hand on it, the second and the most important thing is to match a perfect blouse for your perfect saree.

A saree is always incomplete if the blouse paired with it is not right. The list for a perfect blouse is, however, not a never-ending list. There are some basic yet very important rules to be kept in mind while getting the perfectly matching blouse for the upcoming occasion. Many women tend to hop from shop to shop to fetch the one that is just made for their attire but still manage to somehow fail in the act. Hence, here we are at your rescue! Below is a list of extremely useful cheat codes for every beginner like you who are struggling to choose a blouse for their saree.

Get The Perfect Measurements, But Not In Your Periods

If you are planning for the most awaited occasion, start preparing early to avoid the rush. Take ample time into consideration and avoid getting your measurements while you are on your periods. No, we do not intend to relate it with your religious sentiments, but practically our body bloats enough during periods, which is quite different than the other days of the month. This undoubtedly misleads the tailor and results into a misfit altogether.

Extra Care For Those Pretty Armpits

Probably we all have experienced the kind of discomfort an ill-fitting blouse or top creates when it sticks to our armpits right away. Avoiding such a discomfort is extremely necessary and is also the need of the hour. Ensure that the tailor is taking the correct measurement and the fabric is neither too tight nor too loose to shag down.

Margin, Margin, On The Bay!

Putting on weight or losing some, is something we are most uncertain about. Hence, always get your blouse stitched by keeping a margin of 2″, so that you can tighten or loosen it as and when needed.

Check The Neckline

Most ladies tend to give a deeper measurement in the heat of the hour. However, keep in mind which occasions you are going to wear the saree too. If you find it uncomfortable after getting it stitched, there won’t be much to do about it later.

Wear The Perfect Bra

It is suggested that you should always give your measurement wearing the exact bra that you are going to wear on the day of the occasion. This will ensure that the measurements are taken perfectly without creating a mess on the main day. However, if you are opting for a padded blouse, try and check twice whether the pad is shaping up perfectly or not.

Zipper, Zipper Up The Way

Top-style blouses which do not have traditional buttons on the front are usually fixed with zips on the side. This not only conceals the attachment but also secures the blouse firm in its position, thus giving a neat and classy finish from the exterior.

Apart from these, there might be few other tips as well which are usually suggested by our elders. Keep in mind these easy tricks while choosing your blouse online, for more details check