Those looking for a knee brace have many options available, and it can be difficult to find the right one. Although there’s no single choice that’s right for everyone, there’s a perfect brace for every need on Below are a few considerations for buyers to make when choosing a knee brace.

The Nature of the Knee Injury

The brace a person chooses will depend mainly on the condition they have. Specific braces can treat osteoarthritis, ligament strains and tears, meniscal damage and generalized knee pain.

The Brace’s Intended Use

In many cases, a wearer may choose a brace that’s excessive for their needs. For instance, a ligament brace for runners is significantly different from one for soccer players. A bigger or more expensive brace is not always better, which leads to the section below.

Comfort is Essential

It’s better to wear a less-supportive brace that’s comfortable than it is to have a supportive, uncomfortable one sitting in a closet. Technology has advanced so much that even the best and most supportive braces can have a low profile. When a user needs a cage brace, features such as buckles, liners and titanium frames can make a big difference in the overall fit and comfort.

Understand the Brace’s Role in a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

The length of time a user wears the brace depends on various factors. For patients who are diligent with mobility and strength work, braces may only be indicated for a short time to take the load off an area and speed healing. For those who are short on time or have a severe injury, the knee brace may need to be worn for a longer term. There’s no right or wrong answer, but it is important to consider one’s options.

Custom vs. Off-the-Rack Knee Braces

Depending on the shape of the wearer’s leg, an off-the-rack brace may be a viable option if cost is a primary factor. The main benefits of a custom brace are its extended warranty (which can be helpful if the wearer’s leg changes size due to surgery or weight gain/loss) and its custom fit.

When choosing a knee brace, it is essential to consider the factors listed here. If a wearer is getting a knee brace for the first time, they should visit a therapist or other professional for fitting advice and assistance.

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