Smartphones and How to Keep Them from Being Scrapped

Majority of the people all over the world owns a smartphone and that’s a fact. In fact, 75 percent of people in American have one. This is set to grow in the coming years because people can’t do without them. The purpose of a phone has now gone beyond calling and texting. You can practically call them mini computers that you can bring with you anywhere. Of course, they also bring quite the convenience for everyone. You basically have everything in these neat little package.

However, not everyone is completely happy with smartphones. Some people still think that the phone before were better than the ones in the present. The common reason is because the old ones are very durable. You can even put them underwater and they would still ring. Given the fact that there are still many of them out there just proves that they are indeed super durable. Smartphones however, is a different story.

It’s even an injustice to compare the old phones and new smartphones. Smartphones are more capable than old phones after all. Compared to the old ones however, smartphones won’t even be able to hold a candle against the old phone models. Drop them a little and the screen breaks. Sit down and the phone in your pocket breaks. Their life span is also incredibly short. At most, 21 months would be the best they can do.

Most people would replace their phones before they are even destroyed. When things start running slow, people would usually start looking for replacements. The need for durability is no longer something manufacturers see because of this. When it comes to the economy however, this is not exactly good. You will find many reasons for this. You need to make sure that your phone reaches an old age in order to avoid this.

Among the things you need to do are the following. You will need a cell phone cover first. Your phone will be protected if you drop it if it has a cover. You will find many options on the internet with this. It would also be good if you can protect the screen. The screen is considered to be the most fragile part when it comes to a smartphone. In this, you will find many options. Among the best in this are the rubber ones.

A good reason for your smartphone to slowdown is the number of things you put in it. This can easily be solved with a memory card upgrade. You can also make use of other storage methods.

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